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Are sugar-free drinks safe for your teeth?

Since the Sugar Tax came into force in the UK just over a year ago, there has been a huge increase in the sale and consumption of sugar-free drinks.

Many people believe that because a beverage is sugar-free and low calorie, they can drink as much of it as they like. However, this is untrue. As well as not being good for your overall health, it’s not good for your dental health either.

It’s not just the sugar in regular fizzy drinks that causes dental decay. Just because this has been removed in sugar-free drinks, there are still ingredients that can damage teeth. Phosphoric acid, citric acid and tartaric acid are all present within sugar-free drinks and can damage the teeth.

Dental Erosion

The truth is, sugar-free drinks can actually cause the same amount of damage to your teeth as regular sugary drinks. The acidity levels of the drinks will start to erode away the enamel of the teeth.

Dental enamel plays a huge part in protecting your teeth. It keeps them white, strong and protects the nerves. Without dental enamel, your teeth are at risk of developing decay and becoming sensitive. Once enamel has become damaged, it cannot repair itself.

What drinks are tooth-friendly?

The best drinks for you to completely protect your teeth are water and milk. They have a neutral acidity, and help to keep your teeth strong and healthy. If you do enjoy a fizzy drink, you should drink it through a straw as this minimises the contact is has with the teeth. We would also recommend drinking a glass of water afterwards to reduce the level of acid in the mouth.

If you would like more advice on protecting your teeth from the impact of fizzy drinks, please ask your dentist in your next appointment.

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