Dental Bridge

Natural-looking, strong and cost-effective tooth replacement.

Dental Bridge

If you don’t want to wear a denture, we recommend choosing a bridge. A bridge is a fixed replacement of missing teeth made for you by the dental laboratory using the teeth next to the gap as anchorage.

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Natural-looking, Strong And Stable

The bridge is normally fitted one week after taking the mould. The benefits of having a bridge treatment is that it does not need to be removed for cleaning. Dental bridges are strong, natural-looking and do not move or tilt during eating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will having a bridge affect my speech?

No. In fact, you will find speaking is totally normal with a bridge.

Will I be able to eat normally with a bridge?

Yes, as you would eat with your natural teeth.

How do I care for my bridge?

You care for your dental bridge as you would care for your natural teeth. So it’s very important to brush your teeth and floss twice a day as you would do with your natural teeth. You’ll need to have regular dental checkups. Your dentist or hygienist will give you detailed advice on oral care.

Professional Fees


From £703.50 (per tooth)

  • Fixed teeth that replaces missing teeth; one or more
  • Recommended if you don’t want to wear dentures
  • Made by the dental laboratory specially for you
  • Natural-looking, strong and stable
  • Normally fitted one week after taking the mould.


From £703.50 (per tooth)

  • Normally, two visits are required for the construction and fitting of a dental bridge around 10 days apart
  • The treatment is totally painless
  • After the bridge is fitted, you will be able to eat normally as per your natural teeth
  • The bridge will look very natural and will blend well with your other teeth

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