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Straight Teeth

Say hello to the smile you’ve always wanted from as little as £56 a month*

Teeth Straightening

"I have attended Stella Maris for seven years. l have received excellent treatment the greatest courtesy and very friendly staff."

Mary - Time with practice, 7 years

Do you want straighter teeth? Are you lacking the confidence to show off your smile?

Many adults believe that there is nothing that can be done for them to be able to achieve straight teeth, but this is incorrect. There are many adult orthodontics solutions now available, at an affordable price.

At Stella Maris Dental, we can help you to correct your crooked and gappy teeth, giving you back your confidence to smile.

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What Solutions Do We Offer?

Stella Maris Dental offers a range of discreet and effective adult orthodontic solutions to give you the smile you have always wanted.

Our teeth straightening solutions generally aim to treat minor misalignment of the front teeth.

Cosmetic Fixed Braces

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We offer both Six Month Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth for a quick solution.

These straightening systems are ideal for patients who want a fast fix for a special occasion. They are similar to traditional fixed braces, but the wires and brackets are tooth coloured, making them very discreet. These treatments allow the teeth to be moved in a very controlled way, into their desired position.

Treatment is expected to take between four and nine months.

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Clear Aligners (also Known As ‘Invisible Braces’)

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Clear aligners are a great way for adults to straighten their teeth.

We offer Invisalign and Smilelign which are both effective solutions. The treatment consists of you wearing a clear aligner all day, only taking it out for eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth. As the aligners are removable and comfortable, they suit most lifestyles.

You will receive a new aligner every 2 weeks, which will gently guide your teeth into their new position.

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Rapid Removable Appliances

Inman Aligner Logo

The Inman Aligner is a specially designed removable brace that aligns teeth quickly and effectively.

The Inman Aligner uses coil springs and aligner bows to gently guide your teeth into their new position. Most cases will take between 6 and 18 weeks, with the brace being worn at least 20 hours per day. However, our dentists will be able to discuss your expected treatment time with you in your no-obligation consultation.

You will need to have check-up appointments every 2-3 weeks to check on your progress.

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Child Orthodontics

We also offer traditional fixed ‘train track’ braces for children with overcrowding, protrusion or overlapping of the teeth.

These cases are referred to Dr. Ashley Davenport.

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Would You Suit Teeth Straightening Treatment?

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As we offer a range of different teeth straightening treatments, there will be a solution to suit you. If you suffer from crooked, gappy or overcrowded teeth, you will benefit from having your teeth straightened.

To make sure you are provided with the best possible treatment, our dentists offer a free* no obligation consultation to discuss the results that you would like and what is achievable.

We would strongly advise that you wear a retainer after receiving any teeth straightening treatment to keep your teeth in their desired position. Often, patients don’t wear a retainer and their teeth will return back to their original position.

Patient Story

The patient had lost confidence socially and wanted their crowding sorted out. After getting gums healthy by one of our 4 dental hygienists, a course of orthodontic treatment was carried out over a period of 18 to 24 months.

The patient is extremely pleased with the results achieved and says that it is an investment worth every penny. Now only requires routine maintenance visits with one of our dental hygienists on a 3 monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Having been a patient of Stella Maris since 2010, I wish I had been looked after by them for longer."

Kevin Hopkins

Once the braces have been fitted you may feel some initial discomfort as force is exerted on the teeth to enable them to be moved and aligned.

However, after a few days, the discomfort will ease off.

Treatment times can vary depending on the complexity of the treatment.

Simple alignments can take up to 6 months, but more severe cases can take up to 12 months or even longer.


It is essential that you wear retainers after your treatment that will hold the teeth in their new position, otherwise, they may move back to their previous position.

We provide both permanent and removable retainers as part of your treatment plan, and will discuss the retainer protocol before treatment commences so you are fully aware of the responsibility involved.

Your dentist will be able to advise on what type of brace will be the most suitable.

This will take into account your preference on the type of brace, the complexity of the tooth alignment required, and what works best for your lifestyle.

At Stella Maris Dental, we have a combined experience of over 25 years in different types of braces.

The dentist will first find out what aspects of your teeth you do not like, and what you would like to improve.

After a full assessment to examine your facial profile, and the way that your teeth bite together, we can discuss the different options that may be suitable to give you the best result and brand new smile.

Professional Fees


Dr. Hema Arora offers a free*, no obligation consultation to talk through what you would like to achieve from your treatment.


*A free no obligation, consultation is only available after a Comprehensive Dental Examination (£98.00 payable) has been carried out by Dr. Hani Namih.

Adult Braces

We offer all types of braces including Six Month Smiles, clear braces, traditional braces as well as lingual braces.

From £1,350 to £4,500
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  • Qualified and experienced dentist will offer you the best and most appropriate treatment
  • Clear explanation throughout your journey, from start to finish
  • Can treat overlaps, all types of crowing, gaps, protruded and retruded teeth

Note About This Treatment

Our adult brace treatment cases are carefully coordinated and put together with the greatest of thought and attention to detail. No orthodontic treatment case is the same, like no mouth is the same. We deal with complex cases, but do our level best to keep our professional fees uncomplicated. There are occasions where outside of the fixed fees, additional fees and treatments may apply. These are always included on your initial treatment plan quote after your consultation.

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