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Straight Teeth

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Teeth Straightening

"I have attended Stella Maris for seven years. l have received excellent treatment the greatest courtesy and very friendly staff."

Mary - Time with practice, 7 years

Are your teeth crooked or gappy? Are you lacking the confidence to show off your smile?

At Stella Maris Dental we offer a range of treatments to straighten your teeth, to help you get the smile you have always wanted. Some people have been dissuaded in the past from having orthodontic treatment by the thought of having metal ‘’train track’’ type braces. This is no longer an issue, as we provide discreet braces that are practically invisible. These teeth straightening systems are ideal for patients who want a fast fix for a special occasion or generally want an improvement in their smile, and can be suitable for both adults and children.

Other benefits of having braces is that straighter teeth are healthier teeth. When your teeth are properly aligned and straightened, there are less gaps and reduced tooth crowding, so and areas for food to get trapped and plaque to build up on the teeth, causing decay. In that sense, braces are a long-term investment in your oral health

Talk about Intra-oral scanning of teeth – cutting edge technology, amazing images, no need for moulds, 3D picture of your teeth – we can see and predict what your new smile could potentially be like!

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What Solutions Do We Offer?

Stella Maris Dental offers a range of discreet and effective adult orthodontic solutions to give you the smile you have always wanted.

Our teeth straightening solutions generally aim to treat minor misalignment of the front teeth.

Invisible Braces

Invisalign Logo

No wires. No brackets.

Invisalign consists of a series of practically invisible, removable, clear aligners that provide you with the most discreet teeth straightening solution. They are especially suitable for adults who do not want to compromise their appearance during their straightening treatment, and hate the thought of having braces fixed onto the teeth.

Invisalign is an extremely high-tech system that straightens your teeth fast, using clear, made-to-measure aligners that sit over the top of your teeth. They are barely visible when worn, and removable when you want to eat, clean your teeth or play sports. As the aligners work fast – think months not years – you can look forward to a straight smile and renewed confidence in no time at all!

Comfortable, clear and removable – clear braces can transform your smile without disrupting your life.

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Cosmetic Fixed Braces

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Using the same philosophy as metal ‘train track’ style braces, these braces adopt a bracket and wire system that is fixed onto the teeth to help straighten them. The difference with these systems is that the brackets and wires are all tooth coloured, so they are much more inconspicuous. These systems allow very controlled movements of the teeth to achieve excellent results, in approximately 4-9 months.


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Rapid Removable Appliances (Inman Aligner)

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The Inman Aligner is a ‘spring loaded’ removable appliance that can rapidly straighten teeth with mild crowding in a matter of weeks. It works effectively on either the upper or lower front teeth and typically treatment times can range from between 6 to 16 weeks. It is not as discreet as Invisalign, but can offer a quicker and more affordable solution for simple straightening cases.

All of these options do not try to address major orthodontic issues, but aim to treat mild misalignments of the front teeth to dramatically improve their appearance, to give you a beautiful smile. They particularly suit adults who feel they missed out on orthodontic treatment as a child, or if previous brace treatment has relapsed.

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Child Orthodontics

Most options are for adults only as sometimes a more comprehensive approach is required for children. While the different adult teeth straightening options mainly help to improve the look of the smile, child braces focus also on the functionality of the bite, i.e. the way the teeth actually meet together.

We offer traditional fixed ‘train track’ style braces for children with overcrowding, protrusion or overlapping of the teeth. While this type of system provides the best option to correct most issues for children, we also offer a cosmetic tooth coloured brackets to make the braces appear less conspicuous.

These cases are referred to Dr. Ashley Davenport.

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Smile Makeovers:

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A smile makeover can transform a damage, crooked and discoloured smile into a straight, white, beautiful one. At Stella Maris Dental we understand that when a person is unhappy with their smile, it can affect their whole way of life. We know how important the right smile is for boosting a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

The first stage of a smile makeover is a smile design consultation. The most important aspect of this process is to utilise this consultation to understand what you do not like about your smile and what you would like to achieve with your new smile. We can then use this information to create a bespoke treatment plan tailored specifically for your needs to get the smile that you have always wanted.

The smile makeover may involve a variety of treatments available at the practice. For some patients it is simply the replacement of old discoloured fillings or crowns, for others it may involve the full reconstruction of the teeth using a combination of different types of treatment, for example:

  • removing diseased or broken teeth
  • replacing missing or extracted teeth with dental implants or dentures
  • straightening crooked teeth with braces
  • and/or placing new crowns, bridges or veneers

Whatever you are looking for, call us today to see how we can help

Patient Story

The patient had lost confidence socially and wanted their crowding sorted out. After getting gums healthy by one of our 4 dental hygienists, a course of orthodontic treatment was carried out over a period of 18 to 24 months.

The patient is extremely pleased with the results achieved and says that it is an investment worth every penny. Now only requires routine maintenance visits with one of our dental hygienists on a 3 monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Having been a patient of Stella Maris since 2010, I wish I had been looked after by them for longer."

Kevin Hopkins

How long fixed brace treatment will take can depend on the following:

How crooked the teeth are. The more complicated the problem, the longer the treatment is likely to take; for example: teeth that have failed to grow into the mouth properly can take up to two years to straighten.

The type of brace. Fixed brace treatment on average will take up to 18 months compared with a removable brace treatment, which typically takes from 6-9 months.

Care of the appliance. Repeated breakages and poor cleaning of the brace will significantly delay treatment time.

The fitting of the brace is not painful. You may experience a degree of discomfort, from both the teeth and inside of the cheeks for a few days following the initial placement of the brace and subsequent adjustments.

Once the brace (fixed or removable) has been fitted, visits to the orthodontist at 4-6 week intervals will be needed in order to monitor progress and have the brace adjusted. It is very important to continue regular dental health checks with a dentist to ensure that the teeth and gums remain in the very best condition throughout the treatment.
It is essential to ensure that both the teeth and the brace are kept as clean as possible. The orthodontist, dentist or hygienist will advise about the use of any special toothpastes, brushes or mouth rinses to help keep your mouth as healthy as possible during your orthodontic treatment.

Professional Fees


Dr. Hema Arora offers a free*, no obligation consultation to talk through what you would like to achieve from your treatment.


*A free no obligation, consultation is only available after a Comprehensive Dental Examination (£98.00 payable) has been carried out by Dr. Hani Namih.

Adult Braces

We offer all types of braces including Six Month Smiles, clear braces, traditional braces as well as lingual braces.

From £1,350 to £4,500
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  • Qualified and experienced dentist will offer you the best and most appropriate treatment
  • Clear explanation throughout your journey, from start to finish
  • Can treat overlaps, all types of crowing, gaps, protruded and retruded teeth

Note About This Treatment

Our adult brace treatment cases are carefully coordinated and put together with the greatest of thought and attention to detail. No orthodontic treatment case is the same, like no mouth is the same. We deal with complex cases, but do our level best to keep our professional fees uncomplicated. There are occasions where outside of the fixed fees, additional fees and treatments may apply. These are always included on your initial treatment plan quote after your consultation.

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