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  • Are you concerned about the health of your teeth?
  • Are you concerned about bleeding gums?
  • Do you have occasional discomfort which is prompting you to look for a dentist?
  • Are you unhappy with stain and tartar build-up on your teeth?

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Gum Health And Stain Removal

Dr Namih introduced full time dental hygienists into the practice in 1986, probably one of the first practices in the country to do so.

Hygienists play a vital role with the health of your mouth.

We will personally recommend how often you need to see one of our dedicated hygienist team based on your oral health needs.

Hygienists support you with the following care:

  1. Removal of staining
  2. Removal of hard plaque (tartar)
  3. Removal of soft plaque
  4. Detailed assessments of the gum health
  5. Assessment for plaque (which can cause tooth decay)
  6. Assessment of areas prone to bleeding
  7. Education to prevent hard and soft plaque developing
  8. Sensitivity management

Our fee for a hygienist appointment starts from £50.50

What Are Our Professional Fees?



  • Review your jaw joints and all related muscles and glands around the mouth
  • Check tissues inside your mouth including all soft tissues
  • Visual mouth cancer screening
  • Computerised digital record of your teeth including tooth wear/cracks in teeth, gum recession, dental cavities
  • Detailed assessment of your gum health with recording gum disease and tooth looseness
  • Record the way your teeth bite together
  • Full mouth X-rays, study models and photographs are also completed as appropriate
  • Reviewing and explaining your digital dental charting
  • Explaining the condition of your gum health
  • Reviewing your x-rays and explaining their relevance to your dental health
  • Reviewing your dental photographs
  • Planning your next treatment stages
  • Discussing professional fees and options of payment

Then Dr. Namih takes time out of his diary to plan all solutions available to you and will bring you back a week later for a Complimentary Options Meeting to discuss all solutions available to you.



FROM £50.50

  • Preserve and improve the health of your teeth and gums
  • Tell your dental hygienist about any problems you’re having including sensitive teeth
  • Devise a program of treatment and prevention for optimum oral health
  • Scaling, polishing, oral hygiene information and advice.

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