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What do we mean by tooth wear?

Tooth wear is an increasingly common dental problem and has several causes which are often seen together. Erosion is the loss of the enamel that protects the outer tooth surface and when it wears away, it can lead to tooth sensitivity, pain and discomfort. Enamel is the outer protective surface of your teeth. It is important to keep your enamel healthy and strong as it cannot repair itself once it becomes damaged. It is white in colour and when teeth become discoloured, this is often because the enamel has worn away.


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What causes tooth wear?

The common causes of tooth wear are:

  • Acids in the mouth
  • Wear from your toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Tooth on tooth wear (grinding and clenching)

The most common acid drinks that soften the tooth surface are:

  • Fresh fruit juices
  • Fizzy drinks (diet and non-diet)
  • Wine


  • Use a toothbrush with hard bristles
  • Scrub hard while brushing
  • Use an abrasive toothpaste e.g. smokers toothpaste
  • Brush your teeth immediately after acidic foods or drink

How to avoid tooth wear?

Having healthy teeth can make a huge difference to your overall health, that’s why it’s so important to look after them.

If you follow our top tips on how to prevent tooth wear, your teeth will have a better chance of staying healthy and lasting a lifetime.


  • Clean gently with a soft toothbrush
  • Run your toothbrush under hot water before brushing
  • Try holding your brush in your weakest hand
  • Use a non-abrasive toothpaste
  • Use a fluoride mouthwash after acid food or drink whenever possible
  • Drink acidic beverages through a straw whenever possible
  • Wear an anti grinding/clenching appliance at night

Why Choose Stella Maris?

For over 35 years, we’ve been helping thousands of people regain their confidence to smile. With us, you can benefit from a comprehensive and preventative dental programme bespoke to you.

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Gurdip Gill
Gurdip Gill
Have been attending this practice for years and always feel welcomed. Staff are professional and caring.
Bev Simpson
Bev Simpson
I highly recommend Stella Maris Dental Practice.. The standard of care is excellent and pain free. Thiara my Hygienist and the Dental Nurse support offer an exceptional service. Thank You
Ann Humphries
Ann Humphries
Can't praise th dentist enough with the reassuring manner and very informative and great follow up
Larraine Dudley
Larraine Dudley
Very experienced informative dental practice.
Paul Sheward
Paul Sheward
Nice friendly staff, explained exactly what was going on
paul goodyear
paul goodyear
I have have been going to this dentist for quite a few years and I had several problems which have all been resolved to my satisfaction. Dr Namih and his team have been professional and caring throughout . I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.
Nicholas Watts
Nicholas Watts
Excellent care and friendly efficient service.
Angie Moule
Angie Moule
Fantastic service and all the staff are lovely would definitely recommend to others
Stephen Bak
Stephen Bak
After years of not being able to eat solid food, because of bad decay and alot of tooth discomfort, i decide to go and have a consultation on having implant retained dentures. How professional all the staff were, and after having my remaining teeth removed and 4 implants in the top and 2 in the bottom, i can now eat properly and i am pain free. The photo,s speak for themselves.. The best money i have ever spent. Highly recommend stella maris dental

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