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Dental Implants, Birmingham

Over 20 years’ experience of placing dental implants.

Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants At Stella Maris

Dr Hani Namih has over 20 years’ experience of placing dental implants successfully; from simple to complex full mouth cases. This is a simpler and very effective solution to stabilise missing teeth. It is a far superior option to normal, loose dentures; whether part or full dentures.

Over the last 20 years, our implants success rate is well over 97.5%. This means that dental implants placed in the mouth 20 years ago are still functioning normally. We have a lot of experience in the field of implants retained dentures and many happy patients.

We have access to in-house services of a Consultant Oral Surgeon as and when required, at no extra cost to you. The treatment is totally painless and we use one of the top 3 implants systems in the world; Swiss made.

“Excellent treatment. Had 5 implants after other dentists said I was not suitable. Highly recommended.”

Helena – Time with practice, 7 years

Nervous Patients & Pain Free Dentistry

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We take very special care with patients that are nervous about any dental treatment, especially dental implants, and you’ll be reassured to hear that all our treatments are carried out painlessly.

Whether you are an existing or new patient requesting dental implants, you are in safe hands with Stella Maris Dental.

Patient Story

The patient had lost confidence socially and wanted their severe gum disease sorted out to stop bleeding gums and bad breath. They had been wearing a plastic upper denture for over 15 years!

They were after a permanent replacement of the missing teeth as cannot eat properly.

After the patient had their gum disease treated by one of our 4 dental hygienists, 2 dental implants were placed painlessly to close the 2 front teeth gaps so the patient did not need to wear a denture anymore.

For an overall excellent cosmetic result, porcelain veneers were placed on some of the other front teeth.

The patient is extremely pleased with the result achieved and says that it is an investment worth every penny. Now he only requires routine maintenance visits with one of our dental hygienists on a 3 monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Excellent treatment provided, the staff at Stella Maris are very friendly and everything is highly professional. Would strongly recommend!"

Mike - Time with practice, 5 years

I have been providing dental implants for over 20 years now. I have trained in the UK and Germany and offer different systems including German and Swiss dental implant systems.

I have treated hundreds of patients and placed over 1,500 implants, from one implant to full arch implants per patient.

I use Straumann (Swiss), and Oktagon (German) implant systems.

After a full dental examination is carried out, we discuss the options that you have regarding the missing teeth or tooth including non-implant options.

In some situations, implants are not the only or best option available to you for fixed teeth. Once the ups and downs of each option are discussed with you, you have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. You will be advised as to what is the best and most appropriate option in your particular case and why. If you decide at this visit to go ahead with your chosen option, then the fees are discussed, and you will normally book your treatment appointment.

Sometimes you may want to think about your options. In this situation, another appointment is booked when you can tell us how you wish to proceed. Your best interest is paramount to us. There is no hard sell or pressure to choose one option or the other or any treatment whatsoever, for that matter! You have to feel 100% comfortable with your dentist and your decision to proceed with any treatment.

Once you have been given all the available options and the pros and cons of each, you can make an informed decision and informed consent as to what is appropriate for you and your circumstances.

At our practice, there are two options available to you to get comprehensive professional dental advice:

  1. Book a dental examination with the principal dentist, Dr. Hani Namih where a full and comprehensive dental examination is carried out. This also includes all investigations, x-rays and study models, as required. It does not include any CT Scan that may be required in some cases. Extra fees apply for a CT Scan if required. The fee for this comprehensive dental examination is only £98.00. No proper dental treatment, implants or otherwise, can or should be carried out without this comprehensive dental examination. It covers everything to do with your dental health.
  2. Book a dental visit with Sarah, our friendly and professional treatment co-ordinator (TCO). At this visit, you will discuss your dental needs with her, and she can give you general advice and information only. This visit is free of charge. If you are interested in going ahead with treatment and would like to know exactly what options you have, then you will need to book the full and comprehensive dental examination with the principal dentist, Dr. Hani Namih, as in option 1 above.

No. The procedure is totally painless; this is our promise to you.

Placing a dental Implant is much less traumatic than taking a tooth out. It is a high precision surgical procedure.

You’ll have surface anaesthetic cream placed on the area first. This will freeze the gum before you have the local anaesthetic. In this way, you will not feel the injection itself. When the gums are properly frozen (we test for this before the procedure starts) we place your implant(s) so you won’t feel any pain whatsoever.

Most patients say they feel a little discomfort afterwards (during the healing stage) but were far more comfortable following the procedure than they expected. Your dentist will prescribe painkillers and a special mouthwash for use after your implant procedure. You will be given full written instructions covering all the information you need before, during the healing stage and afterwards.

In this way, you will know exactly what to expect. One of our professional team will ring you the next day to check that all is well.

You will be seen a week after the treatment to remove the stitches (totally painless) and then followed up regularly to check that the healing is progressing well before the implant is ready to have a crown or a bridge attached to it. This normally takes around three to five months. Each person is different.

Professional Fees

Free Consultation

Free no-obligation consultation with Sarah, our professional and friendly treatment coordinator. Discuss your dental treatment needs and concerns in a relaxed environment.

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* No advice to definitive dental treatment can be given

Dental Implants Fees

Single Implant Graphic

No implant case is the same, like no mouth is the same. We deal with some very complex cases, but do our level best to keep our fees uncomplicated.

From £2,400
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Single Implant Graphic

Single Tooth Implant

Fully Restored (no hidden extras): £2,400.00

Implants Retained Upper Part Denture (on 2 implants)



Implants Retained Lower Part Denture (on 2 implants)


Implant Retained Denture Graphic

Implants Retained Lower and Upper Full Dentures:

2 Implants Lower Jaw: £4,800.00
4 Implants Upper Jaw: £9,600.00

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Do not let the cost of dental treatment prevent you from getting the best of modern dentistry. Let us make it easy for you to spread the cost of your investment.

* Finance options subject to status, terms & conditions

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