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How to make sure your teeth have a happy, healthy Christmas

December is here, which means one thing – Christmas is just around the corner.

Christmas can be a challenging time of year for our teeth and overall dental health. Between our busy schedules and the amount of tempting indulgent treats that are around, we often neglect the health of our teeth and mouths.

This Christmas, give your teeth the care and attention they need and deserve by following our top tips for the festive season.

Keep up your oral hygiene routine

Prevention is always better than a cure. Keeping up an excellent and thorough oral hygiene routine is vital for keeping your teeth healthy and happy this Christmas. No matter how busy you are over Christmas and New Year, you should be brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice per day. In addition to this, we recommend flossing with dental tape or interdental brushes at least once per day and rinsing with alcohol-free mouthwash each time you brush.  

Reduce snacking and grazing

At Christmas time, we tend to graze and snack throughout the day much more than we usually would. The types of foods we enjoy over the festive season are high in sugar, sticky and are high in acidity. Frequent snacking on these foods mean our teeth are in constant contact with acid and sugar. This can lead to your teeth being under attack, leading to tooth decay. 

Don’t use your teeth as tools

Your teeth may be strong, but they are only designed for eating with. Using them as tools is not a good idea, even if your party trick is opening a bottle with your teeth. This can put strain on your teeth, which often leads to chips, cracks, breaks or even losing a tooth altogether. This also includes tearing sellotape whilst wrapping, breaking off tags and cracking open nuts. 

Limit prosecco

Prosecco has become a very popular alcoholic beverage in recent years. However, it can be very damaging to your teeth due to the acidity levels. When your teeth come into contact with acid, the enamel, which is the outer protective layer of the teeth, gets attacked. When the enamel wears away, it cannot repair itself. This can cause many different issues including sensitivity, discolouration and being more susceptible to tooth decay.

Book a new year dental health check-up

We always recommend our patients to book a dental health check-up with one of our dentists within the first few weeks after Christmas and New Year. Starting the year knowing that your teeth and gums have been checked over for any potential problems really puts your mind at ease. It also gives our dentists the opportunity to look for any damage the festive season may have done on your teeth, and allows them to resolve the problem before it gets worse. 

Call us on 0121 588 4541 to book in your 2020 appointment with Stella Maris Dental. 

By following our top tips, you will be ensuring that your teeth have a healthy and happy Christmas this year, as well as allowing you to thoroughly enjoy the festive season. 

 We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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