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Thinking of having your teeth whitened for a special occasion such as a holiday, wedding or party? Then there is no better time to visit Stella Maris Dental! We are currently offering teeth whitening for life*. Book a complimentary consultation today to discover how we can brighten your smile.

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Choosing The Right Dentist

Teeth whitening is a popular way to get a more youthful, attractive smile. Our safe teeth whitening system uses gentle products to remove stains and correct discolouration.

Visit Stella Maris Dental, and we’ll assess your teeth to make sure whitening won’t damage them. By choosing whitening under dentist supervision, you’ll be protecting your teeth and getting great results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will whitening damage my teeth?

The latest scientific research reports that tooth whitening done under the care of a dentist does not damage teeth or gums.

Will I have sensitive teeth afterwards?

Some people find their teeth are sensitive to cold during or after whitening. Others after effects can be gum discomfort, white patches on the gum line or a sore throat. These symptoms normally go away within a few days.

How long will my teeth stay white?

Everyone’s teeth are different, so it varies from person to person. If you smoke or eat and drink strong coloured/staining foods or beverages, the results won’t last as long. Your dentist or hygienist will let you know the best ways to keep your teeth whiter for longer.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Anthony Southall

Very Happy

Been coming for many years and very happy with my treatment. Fantastic team who are always happy and smiling and put you at ease.

Vicky Witton

Wonderful Service

I have been coming here for about 28 years and they always give a wonderful service. Dr Namih always clearly explains any treatment that I need and my hygienist Liz is lovely. All of the reception staff are so friendly. I would definitely recommend the practice to my friends.

Stacy Hanlon

Wish I'd come 20 years ago!

My experience here has been very informative and I’ve learnt so much about my teeth and gums since I have been coming here, wish I’d have come 20 years ago!

Our Professional Fees


Sarah Dangerfield


  • Free no-obligation consultation with Sarah, our professional and friendly treatment coordinator
  •  Get any questions about tooth whitening answered
  •  If tooth whitening is a possible option, we will give you details about the procedure
  • If you’re not suitable for teeth whitening, we will provide you with alternatives
  • See our teeth whitening t&c’s for more information

* No advice to definitive dental treatment can be given



Our professional home teeth whitening offers the following:

  • We’ll examine your teeth to make sure whitening won’t damage them
  • Checking existing shade of your stained teeth as a baseline
  • Safe teeth whitening system uses gentle products
  • Custom-made dental trays and whitening gel (home kit)
  • Follow up appointments to make sure treatment is progressing effectively and safely
  •  Free teeth whitening for life offer! (See our teeth whitening t&c’s for more information)

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