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The best braces to straighten your teeth

Dreaming of a perfect smile? At Stella Maris Dental, we understand the power of a confident smile. Straightening your teeth is not just about aesthetics; it’s a journey to rediscovering your self-esteem.

Many believe that achieving straight teeth is only a dream, especially in adulthood, but this is a myth! With our range of orthodontic solutions, we promise to transform your smile, effortlessly and affordably​​.

Invisible Braces

Imagine straightening your teeth without the world knowing about it. Our Invisalign invisible aligners are a game changer in orthodontics. These removable aligners are not just discreet but also comfortable, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle. With a simple change every week, these aligners will gently guide your teeth into their perfect position, often in just 6-9 months​​.

Cosmetic Fixed Braces

For those who prefer a more controlled approach, our cosmetic fixed braces are the ideal solution. These are akin to traditional braces but with a modern twist – the brackets and wires are tooth-coloured, making them less noticeable. They efficiently move your teeth to their desired position, some cases can be moved within 4-9 months. It’s an orthodontic treatment with an aesthetic edge​​.

Removable Appliances

The Inman Aligner is our answer for those seeking quick and effective results. This removable brace, designed with coil springs and aligner bars, realigns teeth swiftly. Most treatments with the Inman Aligner conclude within 6 to 18 weeks, making it a favourite for those in a hurry to see results. Plus, its removable nature means minimal interference with your daily life​​.

Child Orthodontics

Children’s orthodontics is a crucial part of our practice. We offer traditional fixed braces to address issues like overcrowding and teeth misalignment in children. Our child-friendly approach ensures that the little ones are comfortable and at ease throughout their orthodontic journey​​.

Why choose Stella Maris Dental?

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A tailored approach to teeth straightening

Every smile is unique, and so should be the approach to straightening it. Our experienced dental team believes in a personalised treatment plan for each individual. Whether you seek a subtle change or a complete transformation, we provide a no-obligation consultation to explore the best possible treatment for you. Our commitment is to guide you towards the most suitable and effective treatment, ensuring your journey to straight teeth is as smooth as possible​​.

Painless and comfortable experience

We understand that dental treatments can be daunting. At Stella Maris Dental, we promise a painless experience with our gentle care and supportive staff. Our goal is not just to provide you with the teeth you desire but to ensure that your journey with us is comfortable and stress-free​​.

Your free consultation

Your journey to a new smile begins with a free consultation. Discuss your dental goals and concerns with our friendly treatment coordinator in a relaxed environment. This is your opportunity to ask questions, express your desires, and understand the journey ahead​​.

Straight Teeth from as little as £56 a month

Believing in accessible orthodontics, we offer treatments starting from just £2,800. With options like Six Month Smiles, invisible braces, and traditional braces, there’s a solution for every budget. Moreover, our Invisalign treatments are available from as low as £4.93 per day, with interest-free finance options​​​​.

Our mission is to give you a smile that you’re proud to show off. We believe in combining expertise, technology, and a personal touch to make your dream of straight teeth a reality. With a range of treatments tailored to your needs, a commitment to comfort, and affordable options, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Start your journey with us today, and take the first step towards a confident, radiant smile.

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Don’t compromise your dental care by going for second best or delaying treatment. Go for the very best that modern dentistry can offer and spread your investment with our 0% finance.

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* Up to 24 months is interest free. If you would like to take finance over a longer period then an interest charge will apply.

** Interest free finance spread across up to 24 months for treatments valued over £300.00

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