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Understanding Overbite: Expert Insights from Birmingham's Leading Dental Practice

At our practice in Birmingham, residents often ask our team about the implications of an overbite and its treatment options. As a leading dental practice in Birmingham, we’re here to shed light on this common dental issue.

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What is an Overbite?

An overbite occurs when your upper teeth protrude significantly over your lower teeth. It’s not just a cosmetic issue; it can lead to various dental problems if left untreated. Understanding the causes and potential complications is crucial for maintaining good oral health.

Causes of Overbite

Overbites can result from genetics, childhood habits like thumb sucking, or overdevelopment of the bone that supports the teeth. Early detection in children can lead to more effective treatment.

Complications of Untreated Overbite

An untreated overbite can lead to problems such as tooth wear, jaw pain, and even speech difficulties. It’s important to consult with a dentist to prevent these complications.

Diagnosis and Treatment in Birmingham

Our Birmingham-based dental practice specializes in diagnosing and treating overbites. We use state-of-the-art technology and personalized treatment plans, including braces or aligners, to correct overbites effectively.

Preventive Measures and Tips

Maintaining regular dental check-ups is key to preventing an overbite from worsening. We also recommend specific exercises and habits to our Birmingham patients to help manage their overbite.


If you’re in Birmingham and concerned about an overbite, our dental practice is here to help. With our expert team and personalized care, we ensure the best possible outcome for your dental health.

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Donna Willetts
Donna Willetts
This is an amazing dental practise. All of the staff are lovely and make you feel at ease. Highly recommend if you are looking to go private.
Linda guest
Linda guest
Friendly staff. Mom is elderly and a ground floor hygiene appointment was arranged. Great customer service.
Ann Humphries
Ann Humphries
Can't praise th dentist enough with the reassuring manner and very informative and great follow up
Gurdip Gill
Gurdip Gill
Have been attending this practice for years and always feel welcomed. Staff are professional and caring.
Bev Simpson
Bev Simpson
I highly recommend Stella Maris Dental Practice.. The standard of care is excellent and pain free. Thiara my Hygienist and the Dental Nurse support offer an exceptional service. Thank You
Larraine Dudley
Larraine Dudley
Very experienced informative dental practice.
Paul Sheward
Paul Sheward
Nice friendly staff, explained exactly what was going on

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