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Tooth enamel can grow back – true or false?


There are certain brands of toothpaste that are claiming that their product can repair and restore enamel. In this article, we discuss what enamel is, why it’s needed and whether or not it’s repairable.

What is enamel?

Enamel is the thin outer layer of teeth. Its purpose is to protect the inner layers of the teeth which are much more delicate.

Did you know that enamel is the hardest substance in your body?

Your enamel is the most visible part of your tooth and is made up of minerals. It’s semi-translucent and can anything between yellow, grey and white in colour.

What does enamel do?

Dental enamel has many purposes but the main one is to protect the inner layers of the teeth. These layers are far more delicate and are susceptible to decay and sensitivity when unprotected.

The inner layers of your teeth are full of tiny nerve endings. When these come exposed, it can lead to sensitivity. This can range from a mild ache to severe shooting pains. Most people experience sensitivity from cold or hot temperatures, sweet or spicy foods and even when they brush their teeth.

Tooth enamel also helps to keep your teeth pearly white. This is because of the inner layers of the teeth, or the dentine, being yellow in colour. This yellow shade will become more visible if damage occurs to the enamel.

Can enamel be repaired?

Unfortunately, once enamel has become damaged, it cannot repair itself. You can, however, protect it from worsening further. You can also treat the effects of your damaged enamel. For example, using desensitising toothpastes, treating dental decay and whitening your smile.

How can I protect my enamel?

The best way to protect your dental enamel is to follow an excellent oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing and rinsing with alcohol-free mouthwash.

It’s also important to take care of the foods and drinks you consume. A lot of food and drinks contain high amounts of acid, which can erode enamel. It’s recommended to chew sugar-free gum or drink water after consuming acidic foods, as this will help to neutralise the acidity of the mouth.

At Stella Maris Dental, our dentists will check your enamel during your dental check-up and make sure it looks healthy. They will be able to offer you advice on how to protect your enamel from any damage.

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