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How to feel more confident about your smile

Are you embarrassed by your smile? Do you wish you could feel better about yourself when speaking in public, appearing in photos or even just going about your everyday business? If this sounds like you, then you are one of the millions of people in the UK who struggle with their confidence – and in many cases, it is because of the appearance of their teeth. In fact, the Oral Health Foundation reported in 2019 that over 50% of British adults feel conscious of their smile, while only 29% of the adult population are likely to pose for a photograph with an open-mouth smile. So what can you do to take control and become more confident? We look at some of the options available that can help you feel better about your smile.

Visit the dentist regularly

One of the most important ways to feel better about your smile is to visit the dentist regularly. In a survey conducted last year, the Oral Health Foundation discovered the following statistics:

  • 36% of Brits do not visit the dentist because of money worries
  • 11% of the British public are not registered with a dentist
  • 16% of Brits only go to the dentist when they have a problem
  • 8% of adults in the UK only visit the dentist when they are in pain 
  • 6% of adults in the UK admit they never visit the dentist 
  • 11% of UK adults don’t think they need to go to the dentist

Visiting your dentist regularly can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, as well as ensure that any issues are dealt with at the earliest stage, helping prevent the need for treatments such as fillings and even tooth removals. It is also worth noting that regular visits to the dentist play an important role in detecting mouth cancer, which now affects over 8,000 people in the UK every year.

New research also highlights a link between gum disease and those suffering from sadness, helplessness and other symptoms of depression. Regular check-ups can therefore also help with your wellbeing.

Choose white fillings

If you do require fillings, opting to spend a little extra and choose white fillings can dramatically improve your confidence. If you have had amalgam fillings in the past and are unhappy with their appearance, it is worth speaking to an experienced dentist about whether or not it is possible to have them replaced. This is not always possible and in some cases, an alternative such as crowns and inlays may be more suitable, but your dentist will be happy to discuss your options. 

Get dental implants fitted

If you are lacking confidence in your smile because of missing teeth, then dental implants could be the perfect solution for you. They are suitable for almost every patient, no matter what the cause of your missing teeth, and provide a permanent solution that looks and feels just like your natural teeth. Unlike dental bridges and crowns, dental implants do not rely on your remaining healthy teeth for support. Dental implants can be used for anything from a single missing tooth to a complete arch, and can also be used for patients who have previously used dentures but would like to explore alternative solutions.

Dental implant treatment is virtually pain-free, with results that will transform not just your smile, but also your life.

Get your teeth whitened

There are many factors that can cause your smile to lose its sparkle. Our teeth naturally lose their whiteness with age, and factors such as lifestyle and diet also play a big role. Luckily, professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to restore your teeth back to the colour you desire. 

Whether you want to feel better about yourself on a daily basis or are thinking of having your teeth whitened for a special occasion such as a holiday, wedding or party, with our professional treatment you get your dream smile safely and comfortably in the privacy of your own home.

Get your teeth straightened

Many adults in the UK suffer from crooked or gapped teeth, and people often do not realise that it is never too late to get this corrected. If you find yourself turning away when the photographer says, “cheese” or hiding your smile in company, Six Month Smiles may be the perfect solution.

Six Month Smiles is a short-term brace system ideal for crowded front teeth. It’s a fixed brace made of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires that are less noticeable than a standard metal brace. Six Month Smiles uses low forces, and patients find it more comfortable than traditional braces. Plus, treatment time is very short – four to nine months with an average of six months for most patients.

Another option is Invisalign or Smilelign clear aligners, which are a highly effective way for adults to straighten their teeth. The treatment consists of you wearing a clear aligner all day, only taking it out for eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth. As the aligners are removable and comfortable, they suit most lifestyles. You will receive a new aligner every 2 weeks, which will gently guide your teeth into their new position. We also offer the Inman Aligner, a specially designed removable brace that aligns teeth quickly and effectively.

Get in touch with one of our specialists today and we will be happy to arrange a consultation to allow us to find the best solution for your needs. 

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